What We Offer

Individual Counseling

Individual therapy can be enormously helpful for anyone who is having difficulties in life and, particularly, in their attempts to sustain deep and intimate relationships. We offer clinical intervention for grief and loss, trauma, depression, anxiety, pornography addiction, sex addiction, eating disorders, ADD, mood disorder, self injury, self-esteem, and other...

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Marriage and Family Counseling

When one is feeling more hurt, angrier, or more distant from the most important person in his or her life, it is likely that the relationship could benefit from professional help. From the first session, our counselors work to make each session safe enough for each partner to share any and all feelings that might...

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What to Expect

Initial Session
Whether seeking individual, marital or family therapy, the initial session will be a psychosocial history and clinical interview in which the clinician will gather relevant history and information about presenting problem. When you schedule your initial appointment, you will be asked to complete an intake packet which takes approximately 30 minutes. You can choose to have this packet emailed to you or you can come in early the day of your appointment.

Filing Insurance
All of our counselors have out of network provider numbers with Blue Cross Blue Shield, and our services qualify for pre-tax with Health Savings Accounts and Flex spending accounts. None of our therapists have provider numbers with Medicare or Medicaid. If you have commercial insurance, such as Cigna or Aetna, our services are considered out of network. We use a form, called a superbill, that you can present to your insurance company for reimbursement purposes. Payment is expected at time of service.

Medication Management
Our providers are not psychiatrists or medical doctors and do not prescribe medications. We refer clients to their general medical providers or psychiatrist when medication management is necessary.

Counseling Process
Your privacy and a solution-focus are priorities to us. Think of us as your concierge counselors, intended to assist you in addressing presenting stressors and not create financial stress of maintaining long term counseling.

Counseling Services


Symptoms can consist of a lack of interest with activities usually enjoyed, fatigue, disturbed sleep, change in appetite, feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness and/or guilt, suicidal thoughts/ideation, frequent crying, sad affect.


Anxiety is associated with excessive worry typically over work, finances, family. The vague sense that “something bad is going to happen” can be tormenting in one’s life, affecting daily functioning, ability to sustain healthy relationships...

Marriage Counseling

Relationships can be affected by infidelity, addiction, substance abuse, physical and/or emotional abuse, conflict, major changes/losses, and life stressors. It is crucial not to wait in seeking assistance in restoring and repairing the relationship and...

Trauma Therapy

A trauma is an emotional wound or shock that creates substantial, lasting damage to an individual's psychological well-being. Most traumatic events are horrible; however, people can also be traumatized by experiences that might not seem...

Sex Therapy

Dr. Finch is a board-certified sexologist and can work with couples and individuals on issues. Dr. Finch and his team provide treatment for these common sexual problems that deprive many couples of the satisfying and...

Eating Disorders

Feeding and Eating disorders are serious disturbances in eating. In the United States, millions of people develop some form of eating disorder. The most common include Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, avoidant/restrictive food...