Do we prescribe medication?
None of our providers are licensed to prescribe medication. In the psychotherapy process, each determines if medication management is necessary and will make the appropriate referral, either to your primary care doctor or to a psychiatrist’s office.

What insurance do you accept?
We do not participate with Medicare/Medicaid or Tri-care. Each of our counselors have out-of-network provider numbers with Blue Cross Blue Shield and our services are considered out-of-network with Aetna and Cigna. Our services also qualify for pre-tax Health Savings and Flex spending accounts.

How do I file insurance?
We provide a superbill to you that includes your diagnosis code and CPT code for you to send in to your insurance company as an out of network service. Reimbursement amount is not guaranteed and usually depends on your insurance plan. We recommend you contact your insurance carrier to ask about their out of network reimbursement for mental health services and other factors that could affect what reimbursement you receive.