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Speaking and Teaching

Seminars available for your core leaders, volunteers congregation, organization. Dr. Finch has spoken to thousands of people throughout the United States. His years of experience...

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Mastermind Groups

In depth studies/discussion with fellow “masterminds” in the community. “Masterminds” are those who are driven for growth and developing potential. These studies cover John Maxwell's...

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Marriage TLC

Quarterly marriage presentation hosted at our office open to the public, anyone who wants to participate and enjoy a unique “date night”, expert enrichment experience....

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Recent Upcoming Events

Marriage TLC Night
In 2016, we have hosted two sessions of Marriage “TLC”. Within the small group of 10 couples, we discussed ways... READ MORE
Marriage Presentation Beach Warrior Retreat
In April 2016, we were honored to play a role in the Beach Warrior Weekend Retreat. Dr. Finch and Meredith... READ MORE
Leadership Speaking @ Glad Tidings
February 21, 2016, Dr. Finch spoke at a Sunday service for the congregation of Glad Tidings Assembly of God in... READ MORE
Mastermind Group
Every month, Dr. Finch hosts in-depth studies of John Maxwell’s writing on leadership and personal growth. “Masterminds” are those individuals... READ MORE


I have attended all of the Mastermind Groups that Dr. Finch has offered and I can tell you that they are the highlight of my week. Each week I walk away with something that has added value and significance to my life and because of this I feel that not only have I grown but that I have been able to add value and significance to other’s lives so I would encourage you to come and join us at a Mastermind Group.
– Deedee, Mastermind Participant

Attending Dr. Finch’s Mastermind Group and going through some of John Maxwell’s materials has made a huge impact on my life in my marriage, my professional development, church life and everything else. The diversity of the material and the insight that he has has really propelled me to a new place. The way that he has been able to engage people for the group Mastermind experience has been absolutely phenomenal. I would recommend anyone that is wanting to go to the next level, whether in profession, in ministry or in personal life to come and take advantage of everything that Dr. Finch has to offer.
-James, Mastermind Participant