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Individual Counseling

 Individual therapy can be enormously helpful for anyone who is having difficulties in life and, particularly, in their attempts to sustain deep and intimate relationships. There are fundamental relational patterns that are internalized during early childhood which underlie what an individual looks for, what he or she believes is going on, and how he or she will respond to relational interactions throughout life. They direct the actions of the individual behind the scenes, out of conscious awareness, in relationships with spouses, children, co-workers, authority figures and with a therapist. It is likely that during the course of therapy the client will discover patterns of problematic expectations, defensive responses and emotional responses that span across their past and current relationships. The leverage for change lies in the relationship with the therapist, where new, healthier relational patterns can evolve over time. As new ways of relating become normalized within the therapy, the client will be enabled to engage in relationships in every sphere of life that are deeper, more harmonious and more satisfying. Our counseling providers work earnestly to relate in a friendly, authentic and empathic manner in order to make a client's experience in therapy one that will foster emotional growth. The therapist-client relationship should be one that is open and authentic.

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