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Our Services

Individual Counseling

Outpatient treatment for a multitude of issues, including: depression, anxiety, substance abuse, attention-deficit disorder, anger, trauma, grief/loss, low self-esteem and stress. Our team is qualified to assist through a variety of therapeutic modalities, including cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, relapse prevention, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, relaxation training and above all, works to establish a safe, supportive therapeutic relationship. 

Distanced Couple

Marital Counseling

Therapy to assist couples struggling with communication, conflict management, gridlock, infidelity, sexual dysfunction and other barriers to intimacy, passion and commitment. Intensive Marital Boot Camp weekends are available with Dr. Finch for couples in need of intensive solution-focused therapy to address problems in the relationship. 

Family Counseling 

Assistance for dealing with family stressors, including: parents in need of effective tools for parenting children or adolescents with behavioral or emotional disturbances, blended family issues or other major life changes, support with grief/loss, managing family conflicts and processing traumatic events. 

Family at a Beach
Clapping Audience

Executive Coaching

There are many ways to describe leadership. Most would agree that it's about providing direction and giving people a sense of purpose that inspires and motivates them to commit and achieve. It is also about a relationship between people- between the leader and the followers.  We provide the tools and understanding of working together in a diverse workforce.

Leadership development, on-boarding new/potential hires and coaching services focused on improving company's effectiveness.

Team Building 

Individual and group assessment, coaching and team building for team members to increase organizational health and team effectiveness. Team building presentations to facilitate an increased awareness of executive, managers and team members about individual strengths, motivating interests, and underlying needs. 

Business Meeting
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