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Marriage Counseling 

When one is feeling more hurt, angrier, or more distant from the most important person in his or her life, it is likely that the relationship could benefit from professional help. From the first session, our counselors work to make each session safe enough for each partner to share any and all feelings that might be stirred by the other's words or non-verbal behavior. They also work to help both individuals in the relationship work to improve how they communicate their most vulnerable feelings with one another. As therapy progresses, there is deeper exploration of how various hurtful past events and/or relationships may seem to be priming either partner to experience undue pain or to respond to his or her partner in a destructive manner. In most cases, focusing on difficulties in communication of feelings while examining age-old relational patterns results in couples finding new and more rewarding ways to reestablish emotional intimacy with one another. 

Relationships can be affected by infidelity, addiction, substance abuse, physical/emotional abuse, conflict, major changes/losses, and life stressors. It is crucial not to wait in seeking assistance in restoring and repairing the relationship and it is equally important to know the tools necessary for maintenance and nourishment 

Treatment of these challenges is often (though not in all cases) brief, rapid, and effective when both partners bring a dedication and willingness to the therapeutic experience.

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